Frequently asked questions

How do I remove the message 'This email was sent with EMA...' that appears on emails sent with EMA ?

This message appears to indicate that you are not making a comercial use of EMA. If you wish to make a comercial usage, you just need to make a donation, then send the machine code that appears in the menu 'Activate comercial licence' to You will receive an unlocking code. The message will not appear anymore..

How do I insert pictures in my HTML Email ?

You need to place pictures on a server (usually your personal web space) and make a reference to it in the HTML code.
Exemple here. You can also watch this video

My newsletter doesn't show up correctly on the recipient's machine..

Webmails have problems using CSS code. To maximise compatibility, use INLINE styles
You can transform CSS to inline here

How to add my name to the sender address ?

In the senders field enter the name between "" and address between <>
example: "EMA" <>

My provider blocks me after xxx emails sent.

Most Internet providers limit the number of emails sent for a set periode If you have a webhosting account, you can use their SMTP, wich should not be lilmited. If you have a dynamic IP adress, you can tell EMA to pause after xxx emails, and reboot your internet device. This will change your IP and reset the email limit

How do I import my contacts using Excel ?

Open your file in Excel, then save as CSV file.
Then import CSV file in EMA. Click here to download a CSV file example..

How to add an unsuscribe link to in my emails.

There is 2 ways to do this:
The easiest is to add this this type of link : < >
click here to unsuscribe
This method is easy to set up, but won't work if the recipient hasn't configured his mail client (like outlook or thunderbird)

The second way is to create an HTML page on your website. On this page, the user will enter the email address to unsuscribe and click a button. This button calls a PHP script which sends an email to you. You then need to add the link to this page to your email.
Here's an example of an unsuscribe page.
Here's the PHP code

This method is best, as it will always work. You can use these scripts but don't forget to modify the email address


Mailing has been interupted (internet offline, computer crash,...) How to restart form the last adress ?

Restart EMA if necessary. Go to 'send mailing'. Go to 'select recipients' and delete the emails with the sent Status. Then go to 'send mailing' as usual.

Error codes

While sending emails, you can encounter these errors :
103 = Cannot find the SMTP server. The server is unreachable. Check it's name and the port used.. Also check that a firewall doesn't block EMA.
102 = The SMTP server won't answer. This can happen if the sending rate is to fast (enter a longer pause between emails), or if there's too many invalid addresses.

Linux 64 Bits

EMA is compiled for 32 bits environnements. If you are using a linux 64 Bits distribution, check if you have installed 32 Bits (ia32-libs) librairies. You can install them this way :
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

I can't use Yahoo, Gmail SMTPs.

Yes you can. Use port 465 with SSL, port 587 with TLS may also work

I've found a Bug / I have a question.

Please write to
Please indicate this code '7898' in your message to proove you have read this FAQ.

How do I prevent my emails to be classified as spam ?

This a vaste subject...You can google informations about this

How can I be informed on updates ?

EMA notifies you when a new version is available

I use EMA and would like to make a donation to the creator.

Vous pouvez faire un don en cliquant ci-dessous. Merci de faire un don, surtout si vous faites une utilisation commerciale d'EMA.


What is EMA exactly ?

Make a donation

Click here to make a donation with Paypal. Thanks for your support !


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